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Invitation to the 2nd Play Party & Koala Class Information Session (Preschoolers)

Kagome Kindergarten will be holding the "2nd Play Party & Koala Class Information Session" for those who wish to enroll next spring (born between April 2, 2021 and April 1, 2022). Advance reservations are required, so if you would like to participate,

Please apply using this form .

[Date and Time] Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Opening time 14:00 End time 15:30

[Contents] 14:00 ~ Koala Class Information Session

Let's play with the teacher!

(Hand games, rhythm games, etc.)

14:30~ Tour of the park, open grounds

Koala Class Application

[What to bring] Slippers (for children) *

Slippers (for parents)

Please bring a bag to put your shoes in.

*If you do not have slippers, unused shoes or shoes with wiped soles are acceptable.

*This event is for those hoping to enroll next spring, but children from 0 years old and their families can also participate.

*We do not have a parking lot, so coming by car is strictly prohibited.

*There are limited spaces to park bicycles, so if you live nearby, we ask that you refrain from riding your bicycle there if possible.


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