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令和7年度 入園のご案内



2021 年(令和 3 年)4 月2 日~2022 年(令和4 年)4 月1 日生まれ ······ 70名 

2020 年(令和 2 年)4 月2 日~2021 年(令和3 年)4 月1 日生まれ ······  若干名 

【4年保育】満3歳児は こちら をご覧ください。


月、火、木、金日:午前 9 時 ~ 午後2 時 


希望給食制 ※週0回から5回まで選択可能


早  朝:午前7 時30 分 ~ 通常保育開始まで

保育後:通常保育終了~午後6 時30 分まで 

休 園 日





保育料(全学年)月額34,500 円
※その他、バス代(5,000 円)、遠足代等別途必要になります。





  • Please tell me the childcare hours for each class.
    Chulipgumi 8:30-14:00 (morning childcare 11:30) Tanpopogumi 9:00-14:30 (morning daycare 12:00) Sumiregumi 9:30-15:00 (morning childcare 12:30)
  • I haven't gotten my diaper yet.
    It would be helpful if you could remove it before entering the kindergarten in April.
  • How many teachers are there?
    Kagome Kindergarten adopts a multiple teacher system. There are two homeroom teachers for younger and middle school students, and one homeroom teacher for older children. During the first few months of the younger years, the three of us watched with an assistant teacher. There are about 35 people including the principal, chief, custodian teacher, koala classroom teacher, freelance teacher, clerical staff, and driver. The necessary information is shared, and all the staff are watching the kindergarteners.
  • Is there a frame for brothers and sisters?
    Applicable to those who graduated from Kagome Kindergarten and currently have siblings up to the third grade of elementary school. Please let us know when requesting an application form.
  • Do you have to wait in line for the distribution of application forms and entrance exams?
    No. Applications can be purchased at any time during the period. After interviewing all applicants on November 1, we will announce the results around noon. [R5 application form distribution period] 500 yen per copy
  • Will childcare be free?
    Kagome Kindergarten is eligible for free early childhood education and childcare.
  • What is the fee for custody childcare?
    150 yen for 30 minutes. Reservations can be made online. In addition, as a response to those who have high custody childcare fees, Kagome Kindergarten will not charge for amounts exceeding 30,000 yen per month.
  • Please tell me the days off for childcare.
    The nursery school is open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, including during the long term (summer, winter, spring), but due to kindergarten events and substitute holidays, there is no childcare for about 10 days on weekdays. There is a day Also, please note that we do not provide childcare during the Obon period and the year-end and New Year holidays.
  • How many events do parents participate in on weekdays?
    There are five visits a year (regular childcare, English, rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics), parent meetings twice a year (three times for younger children), and individual interviews once a year (if desired). There is also a Christmas play party as an event.
  • I would like to take the bus to kindergarten, but does it pass near my house?
    The garden bus operates 2 buses in 6 courses within the orange area below. Please inquire individually for details such as the location of the bus stop. *Some areas are not serviced by buses even within the orange area. Also, it may change from year to year.
  • What kind of contents does the school lunch consist of?
    Bento lunch for infants.
  • Do you handle food allergies?
    In the case of school lunches, we are responding by removing or completely bringing lunch from home. We also lend lunch boxes for school lunches.
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